We will bring your stuff till your doors and will help you to organize paperworks.

Delivery time is 2 weeks.

The transport prices may vary of cities

Transport prices for half loads till:

  • Lithuania (Kaunas area) 1100 Eur

  • Estonia (Tallinn area) 1200 Eur

  • Poland (Warsaw area) 1200 Eur

  • Latvia (Riga area) 850 Eur

Transport prices for full loads till:

  • Lithuania (Kaunas area) 1400 Eur

  • Estonia (Tallinn area) 1500 Eur

  • Poland (Warsaw area) 1400 Eur

  • Latvia (Riga area) 1100 Eur

For exactly price or other countries please contact us.

Oslo, Norway

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